When we first started, we were lost, naive Georgia Tech students with nothing but a cast iron pan and a 5lb bag of Guatemalan beans. As we got further into stove-roasting we realized the potential of fresh roasted coffee and soon became a group of Georgia Tech graduates with a big dream - we want to show the world that fresh coffee is the only coffee worth drinking. Most consumers are familiar with freshly-ground and freshly-brewed coffee, but very few people are concerned with freshly-roasted beans. In an effort to alter the fate of humanity, we built our own roaster - the fully customizable "Bean Daddy". This product will soon be manufactured and distributed to awesome people like you. In the meantime, we are roasting and selling fresh coffee everyday out of our pop-up location on the Georgia Tech campus. Our machine allows us to completely customize our roasts and sell bags to our customers with their exact flavor and aromatic preferences in mind. Feel free to come by our shop for some fresh beans and delicious brews (hot and cold) in addition to learning about how we roast and how you can get involved. We want to hear about the cool projects you're working on, too - be sure to ask us about working together!



J. Erskine Love Lobby

Georgia Tech West Campus

771 Ferst Dr NW

Atlanta, GA 30313



Mon - Fri

8:00am - 4:00 pm



From single origin beans, to hand-printed t-shirts. Bring a little TopTime to your life:




The TopTeam.

Nolan Hall Roastmaster

Nolan Hall


Travis sadler Brewmaster

Travis sadler


Mika Munch Creative Strategist

Mika Munch

Creative Strategist

Alan Grusy Head of Technology

Alan Grusy

Head of Technology


We're all about collaboration.

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